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Nawang Gombu was the first man to climb Mt Everest twice.

First Man to Climb Mount Everest Twice

Nawang Gombu is the first man to climb Mount Everest twice. He reached the summit of Everest with the American expedition in 1963 and with the Indian expedition in 1965. Nawang Gombu is the nephew of the legendary Tenzing Norgay, the first man to reach Everest in 1953.

Nawang Gombu was part of the American Expedition in 1963, led by Norman Dyhrenfurth. The expedition was supported by the National Geographic Society. Nawang Gombu reached Everest on May 1, 1963 at 1 PM along with Jim Whittaker. In the process, Whittaker became the first American to reach Everest. Nawang Gombu conquered Everest second time in 1965 as part of the Third Indian Expedition, with Captain M.S Kohli as leader. He reached the summit on May 20, 1965 along with A.S. Cheema.

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