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Here is provided the meaning of Karma that decides our destiny. Read about the effects of Karma.


The term Karma refers to the deeds performed by an individual, which ultimately decides his destiny. Thus, Karma and destiny are associated with each other. The kind of karma that a person carries out tells a lot about his character and personality. A person is not born great or small, it is his deeds or the karmas that make him noble or criminal. The God maintains an account of our karmas and accordingly we get the fruit, which can be good or bad. Well, in this article, we will give you a clear idea about the meaning of Karma. Read on to know about the effects of Karma.

There are basically three types of Karmas:
  • Sukarma: it refers to the good deeds or the positive actions that a man performs for the goodness and welfare of mankind. It is an act, in which both the parties, as in the one who is performing the act and the one for whom the deed is carried out, both derive pleasure and happiness. It is based on the concept that if I do something for you, you feel thrilled and seeing you happy and cheerful, I derive pleasure and contentment.
  • Vikarma: It refers to the selfish acts that are performed to cause harm to others or to pose hindrances in the success and prosperity of others. Well, these kinds of karmas are usually performed by crooks, who can't see others happy and their gladness lies in the sorrows of others.
  • Akarma: it refers to the neutral actions. It means the activities that you are carrying out neither cause any kind of harm to the other person nor do they bring any sort of happiness to others.
Law of Karma
The law of karma is based on the concept of cause and effect relationship. It says that, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The kind of deeds an individual performs, determines his fate. Karmas are performed only in the human life. It is the karmas that will ultimately decide that a person after his death will head his way for heaven or hell.

Karma and Reincarnation
Many people are in a habit of cribbing their fate for the bad things that happen to them. Well, the law of Karma instead emphasizes that it is not your luck that gives you happiness or suffering, but it is your own Karmas that decide your destiny.

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