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Hookah smoking is an ancient tradition, which is quite popular even today. Read about Hukkah smoking in India.


Hookah smoking is an ancient tradition that has virtually swayed the entire world. Well, talking about as to what is Hookah, it is basically a multi stemmed water pipe that is used for smoking. Hookah smoking is based on the mechanism of indirect heat and water filtration. The concept of Hookah smoking originated in India; however, it attained fame under the Ottoman Turks. Hookah is famous by different names at different places, the more popular names being narghile, shisha, okka and kalian.

Hookah smoking is such a relaxing and soothing experience that it will make you forget your problems for a while and take you on a journey to the seventh heaven. Thus, Hookah is not just considered to be a status symbol, but more often viewed as means that lead to the complete relaxation of mind and body. Today, Hookah bars not just serve as a place for smoking, but provide a platform to develop and enhance social circles. To know more about the Indian Hookahs, read on.

Hookah History
The origin of Hookah smoking can be dated millennia back and its initial traces have been found in the North Western provinces of India alongside the border of Pakistan in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Hookahs of the ancient times were very simple, rugged and archaic in design. The initial Hookahs were crafted out of a coconut shell base.

Hookah Pipe
Hookah smoking is viewed as a form of art that requires a great deal of effort in setting the Hookah and smoking in the right technique. This popular art of the bygone times has been passed by one generation to another. The fashion of Hookah will never fade and always remain in vogue.

Hookah Tobacco
The tobacco used in Hookahs is absolutely distinct from the tobacco associated with any other form of smoking. Hookah tobacco is essentially a blend of fresh tobacco leaves, honey and pulp of semi dried or completely dried fruits. To enhance the flavor of smoke, some people prefer adding the juice of pomegranate or perhaps the juice obtained from rose to the water.

How to Use a Hookah
There is a proper technique of smoking Hookah. In certain cultures, people are very particular about following the step by step instructions of Hookah smoking. Since, Hookah is more often resorted to as means of relaxation, one must enjoy completely. One should not be in a hurry to finish smoking; rather he/she should be patient and derive pleasure.

Hookah Accessory
Hookah is made up a large number of components. The term bowl refers to the head or the topmost part of the Hookah, which is basically a container or vessel that holds the tobacco. It is usually made up of clay or marble. The tobacco that the bowl contains is used during the smoking session.

Hookah Etiquettes
Hookah is a tradition of the past, which has a lot of relevance even in today's times. Infact, in the present era, smoking Hookah is considered highly fashionable. Hookah is not smoked merely for the sake of smoking, it rather acts as great means to relax and enjoy oneself. The pleasure that people derive out of it has simply no comparison.

Hookah Effects
Is Hookah smoking bad for you? Well, it's a fact that Hookah has quite often been alleged for causing cancer. The concept of Hookah smoking has its origin in the Middle East and later this ancient tradition became a popular trend in the Western countries as well. It is not very safe to use Hookah water pipes, as they are not able to filter out the entire toxins and the left out elements tend to cause harm to the human body.

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