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Natural and Herbal Holi colors are the order of the day. Holi Rang prepared traditionally at home are safer to use and environmental-friendly too.
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Natural Colors of Holi

Colors of HoliOriginally, only natural and herbal colors were used for Holi. The powder was known as 'gulal', the natural colored talc as 'abir' and colored water as 'rang'. However, love of darker and more long-lasting colors led us to the use of synthetic colors. Oxidized metals or industrial dyes mixed with engine oil are often used in such colors and can lead to a number of skin-diseases and are harmful for our eyes. Besides these, they can cause allergy, temporary blindness, renal failure, skin cancer, paralysis and can even be fatal.

The rising awareness of the ill effects of these colors has brought us back to the era where colors are preferably prepared at home and are not only fragrant and safe but also therapeutic in many ways. Today, people like to use eco-friendly powders and pastes that are actually the natural extracts from flowers, vegetables and minerals. We have brought you some of the foolproof ideas of creating interesting healthy colors for Holi this year.

The soothing green color is found in abundance in nature. It represents compassion, purity and harmony. It increases our sensitivity and has a calming and healing effect, in its natural and herbal form.

Magenta Blue
Magenta is the color of change, of letting go. It asks us to break old attitudes and habits not good for us, to steer clear of obsessions and to forget what has passed away. Blue enforces peace and faith. It is the color of new beginnings and creative expression.

Red is the color of festivity, vibrancy, energy and love. It is also one of the most common colors used in Holi. Prepare healthy red powder and color at home using these simple tips:

Saffron and orange colors are often associated with festivity, happiness, joyousness and optimism. These colors are also long associated with Hinduism. We bring you the tips to prepare the beautiful saffrons and oranges at home:

Yellow denotes energy, intellect and awakening of new blooms in the spring season. The sunny yellow gulal looks beautiful on black and blue faces and presents quite a contrast to the multi-hued faces.

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