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Norman G Pritchard was the first person from India to Participate in Olympics.

First Indian to Take Part in Olympic Games

Norman G Pritchard, an Anglo-Indian athlete from Calcutta, was the first Indian to take part in Olympic Games. Norman G Pritchard was not the official representative of India. He was holidaying in Paris and participated on his own at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games and competed in four events - 100m, 200m, 110m hurdles and 200m hurdles. He bagged two silver medals, one each in 200m and 200m hurdles. He won his first medal on July 16, 1900 when he finished second only to the American athlete Alvin Kraenzlein in 200m hurdles. The event has been discontinued since. Pritchard won his second medal on July 22, 1900 in the 200m. India made its official debut in the Antwerp Olympics in Belgium in 1920.

Some other Indians who performed creditably at the Olympics are:
  • Hennery Rebello qualified for the final of the Triple Jump in 1948 London Olympics.
  • Sprinter Lavy Pinto reached the semi finals of 100 m and 200 m events at Helsinki in 1952. Sohan Singh also performed the same feat in 800 m at Helsinki Olympics.
  • PT Usha became first Indian lady to enter the finals of any Olympic event. She entered the finals of 400 m Hurdles at 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.
  • Anju Bobby George entered the finals of Women Long Jump at 2004 Athens Olympics.

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