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Kishore Kumar
Read on to know about Kishore Kumar's contributions to Indian cinema as an actor.

Kishore Kumar as an Actor

Kishore Kumar always aspired to be a singer while the acting career was largely thrust upon him. A young Kishore was expected to emulate the success of elder brother Ashok Kumar and his lack of training in classical music was seen as a hindrance to a possible career in playback singing. However, in retrospect, Kishore Kumar's acting career was only a pale shadow of his supreme achievements with the microphone.

Kishore made a rather listless acting debut in the 1951 movie Andolen. Even though he could not make much headway as a singer, Kishore soon established a firm foothold on the acting front, pairing up with most of the leading ladies of the day. Comedy was his forte and Kishore Kumar's funny antics were pivotal in the runaway success of a number of laugh riots.

One of Kishore's most successful movies was the 1958 bone-tickler Chalti ka Naam Gaadi which saw him starring alongside his brothers and actress Madhubala. The brothers followed it up with a sequel, Badhti Ka Naam Dadhi but it didn't achieve much success. Kishore Kumar's other prominent humorous flicks are Half Ticket, Padosan, Naukri, Baap Re Baap, Pyar Diwana, and Hungama.

Door Gagan ki Chaon Main (1964), one of the few serious films in Kishore Kumar's kitty, established his credentials as a capable actor.

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