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Kanchenjunga is the highest peak in India

Highest Mountain Peak in India

Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak in India. Kanchenjunga has an altitude of 8,586 metres (28,169 feet). It is engirdled by three territories: Sikkim in the south and east, Nepal in the west, and Tibet in the north. The name Kanchenjunga is derived from the Tibetan words, 'Kanchen' and 'Dzonga', meaning 'Five Treasuries of the Great Snow', as it contains five peaks. The treasures represent the five repositories of god, which are gold, silver, gems, grain, and holy books. The five ridges are named according to their respective directions with reference to the main peak to which they are attached.

The five peaks of Kanchenjunga are:
  • Kanchenjunga Main: 8,586 m
  • Kanchenjunga West: 8,505 m
  • Kangchenjunga Central: 8,482m
  • Kangchenjunga South: 8,494m
  • Kangbachen: 7,903m

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