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First Governor General of India

Warren Hastings was the first Governor General of India. He occupied this position from 1773 to 1784. Hastings was born at Churchill, Oxfordshire. He joined the British East India Company in 1750 as a clerk. In 1757, Warren Hastings became the British Resident of Murshidabad and in 1761 he was appointed to the Calcutta council. Warren Hastings went back to England in 1764. He returned to India in 1769 as a member of the Madras council and was made Governor of Bengal in 1772. In 1773, Hastings was appointed the first Governor-General of India.

Warren Hastings extended and consolidated the control of East India Company established by Robert Clive. He was a patron of Indian learning and took a keen interest in Indian literature and philosophy. Warren Hastings was instrumental in the translation of Bhagvad Gita into English.

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