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Jadukata Bridge is the longest span cantilever bridge in India

Longest Span Cantilever Bridge in India

Jadukata Bridge, located at Ranikor in West Khasi Hills District in Meghalaya, built across Jadukata River is the longest span cantilever bridge in India. The bridge has a central span of 140m. Jadukata bridge on Mawsynram Balat Maheshkhola Road is labout 130 km away from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Jadukata Bridge is near the Indo-Bangladesh border and forms a vital link on an important road in this border state. The bridge was built by Gamon India Limited, Mumbai. The total cost of the bridge was around Rs 10 crore. Jadukata Bridge also won the ICI MC Bauchemie Award for Outstanding Concrete Structures.

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