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Panvalnadi Bridge is the highest bridge in India

Tallest Bridge in India

The Panvalnadi bridge on the Panval river in Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra is presently the tallest bridge in India. The tallest pier of the bridge is 64m above bed level and the length of the bridge is 424m. The bridge was built for Konkan Railway and was the first bridge built in India using the incremental launching technique. The bridge superstructure is a single-cell continuous prestressed concrete box girder with nine intermediate 40m spans and two end spans of 30m each. The substructure consists of hollow octagonal reinforced concrete piers resting on open foundations. In 1995, the bridge received the Most Outstanding Concrete Structure in India Award from the American Concrete Institute.

However, soon the bridge will lose its coveted title of being the tallest bridge in India. Konkan Railway is currently laying down railway line between Katra and Laole in Jammu & Kashmir. The railway line will have two bridges that would be taller than the Panvalnadi bridge. One will be over River Chenab with a height of 359m while the other will be over Anji Khad at a height of 189m.

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