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Read about Mahabharata - the largest epic of India

Longest Epic in the World

Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world. Mahabharata has more than 74,000 verses, long prose passages, and about 1.8 million words in total. Mahabharata was written by Ved Vyasa in Sanskrit. Its origin dates back to the late Vedic period and it probably reached its final form in the early Gupta period. Mahabharata is the story of the Bharata Dyanasty. It includes aspects of Hindu mythology, stories of the gods and goddesses, and explanations of Hindu philosophy. One of the main aims of Mahabharata is to elucidate the four goals of life: dharma (duty), artha (wealth), kama (pleasure), and moksha (liberation). The narrative culminates in moksha, believed by Hindus to be the ultimate goal of human beings.

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