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Indira Gandhi was the first PM of India to lose an election

First Indian Prime Minister to Lose an Election

Indira Gandhi was the first Indian Prime Minister to lose an election. She was defeated by Raj Narain, a candidate of Janata Party, in 1977 Lok Sabha elections from Rai Bareli constituency. Raj Narain was earlier defeated by Indira Gandhi in 1971 elections. He had accused Indira Gandhi of corrupt electoral practices and filed election petition against her. The Allahabad High Court on 12 June 1975 upheld the accusations and set aside election of Indira Gandhi and also disqualified her to contest Lok Sabha election for next 6 years. In response to the verdict, Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency. The Emergency was lifted in 1977 and in the subsequent Lok Sabha elections, Indira Gandhi lost

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