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Here are presented some famous quotes by the spiritual leader Adi Shankaracharya. Check out Sri Sankaracharya quotations.

Shankaracharya Quotes

In this article, we will provide you with some famous quotes by Adi Shakaracharya, who was a great spiritual leader. He can be attributed the credit for advocating the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. His philosophy was based on the concept of unification of the soul and Brahman, in which the Brahman was considered as having no characteristics. Read further and check out a few Sri Sankaracharya quotations.

Shankaracharya Quotes
  • "Loud speech, profusion of words, and possessing skillfulness in expounding scriptures are merely for the enjoyment of the learned. They do not lead to liberation."
  • "[I am] the nature of Pure Consciousness. I am always the same to beings, one alone; [I am] the highest Brahman, which, like the sky, is all-pervading, imperishable, auspicious, uninterrupted, undivided and devoid of action. I do not belong to anything since I am free from attachment. [I am] the highest Brahman... ever-shining, unborn, one alone, imperishable, stainless, all-pervading, and nondual-That am I, and I am forever released."
  • "The Shudra is not conceived of as a performer of Yajna or Vedic sacrifice"

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