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Is smoking hookah bad for you? Read to find out if there are any harmful effects or dangers associated with hukkah smoking.

Hookah Effects

Is Hookah smoking bad for you? Well, it's a fact that Hookah has quite often been alleged for causing cancer. The concept of Hookah smoking has its origin in the Middle East and later this ancient tradition became a popular trend in the Western countries as well. It is not very safe to use Hookah water pipes, as they are not able to filter out the entire toxins and the left out elements tend to cause harm to the human body. Nicotine is especially addictive and thus quite injurious to health. Several kinds of cancer and gum diseases are associated with Hookah smoking. Thus, there can be real dangerous effects of smoking Hookah.

People resort to Hookah smoking as a part of social activity, but gradually, they tend to get so addicted to Nicotine that it often becomes quite tough for them to quit smoking. Infact, their chances of indulging in cigarette smoking is on a higher side. False claims are made about Hookah smoking, which suggest that the risk involved in it is very low, infact next to nothing. It is said that the water pipe filters out all the toxins, however, till date, there is no such study that has given a conformation to this statement. Infact, any sort of smoking then be it cigarette smoking or Hookah smoking is indeed detrimental to health.

The increasing craze among the common people to go in for Hookah smoking has become a cause of worry. It is considered to be voguish to smoke Hukkah, despite the fact that there are tremendous health risks associated with its use. People are of the belief that Hookah smoking is less toxic, as compared to cigarette. However, this is unfortunately not the truth and the reality is that it is equally lethal as the cigarette smoking. Infact, a single session of Hookah smoking, which usually lasts about 30-60 minutes, causes equivalent harm as a pack of cigarettes. So, be cautious about the use of Hookah water pipe and smoke in moderation.

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