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The origin & history of Hookah / Hukkah smoking can be dated millennia back in the north western provinces of India.

Hookah History

The origin of Hookah smoking can be dated millennia back and its initial traces have been found in the North Western provinces of India alongside the border of Pakistan in the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Hookahs of the ancient times were very simple, rugged and archaic in design. The initial Hookahs were crafted out of a coconut shell base. The Hookah headed for Persian Kingdom and made its way towards Pakistan, Afghanistan, many parts of Asia and Arab parts of Northern Africa. To know more about the origin & history of Hookah smoking, read on…

While on the way to Persia, Hukkah smokers came across a new concept of Tombeik, which refers to a dark tobacco that is predominantly cultivated in modern day Iran. Tombeik is washed and packed in the large heads designed in the old style. Hot coal is then applied to the wet Tombeik and this lends a strong flavor to the tobacco. These primitive style heads of Hookah were more popularly known as "ghelune" amongst the Persians. The Hookahs designed at the time of Persian Empire are still crafted with hand using pieces of wood.

By the nineteenth century, many women in Persia indulged in Hukkah smoking considering it to be a great pastime activity. When Hookah found its way in Turkey, it gained momentum at a very fast pace. It became an icon of fashion and a symbol of high status. It transformed completely in terms of its style and design. It became quite complex in designing and attained its final shape that we find today. New additions were made like the introduction of brass and glass in the designing of Hukkah water pipe. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, mosaics and elaborate paintings were added.

Hookah saw tremendous popularity in its growth in the Turk society. It went to the extent of finding its way in the bars. The Hookah bar tender was given the same status as that of a chef, due to the extensive preparations required in setting the Hookah. The tradition of smoking Hukkah went a step ahead and headed towards Lebanon and Syria, where it was named Nargile. Later, it migrated to Egypt and Morocco, where it got the name Shisha. In Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates., it is popularly known as Hubble bubble. In the contemporary times, Hookah bars are seen as a social place, where people discuss on varied issues such as politics and several local events.

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