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There is a proper technique of smoking Hookah. Read the instructions or tips as to how to setup and use a Hukka.

How to Use a Hookah

There is a proper technique of smoking Hookah. In certain cultures, people are very particular about following the step by step instructions of Hookah smoking. Since, Hookah is more often resorted to as means of relaxation, one must enjoy completely. One should not be in a hurry to finish smoking; rather he/she should be patient and derive pleasure. Read on some tips to find out as to how to setup and smoke a Hukkah.

How to Use a Hookah
  • The jar that is fixed at the bottom of the Hookah tube is filled with water. The water level should be such that it covers just a few centimeters of the tube.
  • There is a bowl at the top of the Hookah tube, in which tobacco is placed. Burning charcoal is placed just above the tobacco. In certain cultures, the bowl is wrapped with a tin foil perforated with small holes. The basic idea is to separate the tobacco and charcoal, as it will ensure that the person smoking does not inhale coal ash.
When a person smokes via the hose, air passes through the charcoal and then goes into the bowl, which contains tobacco. The hot air from the coal heats the tobacco, thereby generating smoke. The smoke moves down into the tube and then proceeds for the water jar. Thereafter, the smoke again passes through the hose and finally reaches the smoker.

Note: It is of paramount importance to seal the varied components of Hookah tightly using the grommets, as the air that did not pass through the burnt charcoal is likely to dilute the smoke.

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