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Tulsi plant is known for its manifold medicinal benefits. Read about the varied uses of Tulasi plant.

Tulsi Benefits

Tulsi plant has a lot of significance for mankind, due to the manifold medicinal benefits it provides. Tulsi leaves are widely used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. It is known to promote the longevity of life. The extracts obtained from the plant are extensively brought to use for curing various diseases such as the common cold, inflammation, malaria, heart disease, headaches, stomach disorders, kidney stones, heart disorders, and many more. The Indian basil Tulasi also aids in the purification of atmosphere.

Tulasi plant serves as a fabulous repellant in fighting against flies, mosquitoes and insects. It is especially valuable in combating malarial fever. It is said that at the time of establishment of Victoria gardens in Bombay (now Mumbai), the workers became victims of mosquito bites and suffered from chronic malaria. Seeing the pitiable situation of the workers, some of the Hindu managers recommended the plantation of Tulsi plant in the garden. On following their advice, fruitful results were obtained. Thus, holy basil Tulsi helped to abate the growth of mosquitoes and control malaria.

There are numerous uses of Tulsi plant. The plant is increasingly finding its way in the Ayurvedic treatment of diseases. Tulsi leaves are widely used due to their healing power. It is a tonic for the nervous system and thus, helps a great deal in sharpening the memory. This aromatic plant supports the removal of phlegm and catarrhal matter from the bronchial tube. It also works wonders in preventing stomach disorders. The herb Tulsi is known to cure the respiratory disorders. The decoction prepared by mixing honey, ginger and Tulsi leaves is quite helpful in combating bronchitis, influenza and asthma.

The leaves of Tulsi plant are extremely beneficial during the rainy season, when diseases like malaria and dengue victimize the country. Boil the tender leaves of Tulsi in tea and give it to the patient. The juice extracted from Tulsi leaves serves as the best remedy to bring down fever. Tulsi is an essential ingredient in the preparation of Ayurvedic cough syrups. It is highly useful in getting rid of cold and flu. Even, for sore throat, the leaves of medicinal plant Tulsi is of great value. Just boil the leaves of Tulsi in water and ask the patient to gargle with this decoction.

Tulsi has the ability to strengthen the kidneys. For those suffering from the problem of renal kidney stones, the decoction prepared by mixing the juice of Tulsi leaves with honey, if taken sincerely for six consecutive months can oust these stones via the urinary tract. For maintaining healthy heart, Tulsi is of utmost value. It helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in blood. Thus, Tulsi plant serves as the most effective remedy to combat cardiac diseases.

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