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It is your karma that decides whether you will be awarded with liberation or reincarnation. Read about the law of Karma & reincarnation.

Karma and Reincarnation

Many people are in a habit of cribbing their fate for the bad things that happen to them. Well, the law of Karma instead emphasizes that it is not your luck that gives you happiness or suffering, but it is your own Karmas that decide your destiny. The happy moments that we get to see are a result of the good deeds that we have performed and the sufferings we go through are the resultant of the negative or the wrongful deeds that we have performed in the past. Karma decides whether you will be given liberation or reincarnation. Read on to know more about law of Karma and reincarnation.

People who indulge in good deeds and carry out activities for righteousness, their souls rest in peace after their death. They get freedom from the vicious circle of rebirth. A deed is said to be good, when it is done for a noble cause, in which the person carrying out the task does not have any selfish interest. When the act is performed in an honest manner and that too for the welfare of other beings, the person is said to have performed good karmas. On the contrary, if a person engages in activities that are meant to or are likely to cause harm to others, then he is said to perform bad karmas, which will ultimately lead to reincarnation and the person will have to bear the brunt of his past life karmas in his next birth also.

When a person dies, it is basically the physical body that gets destroyed and not the soul. In the next birth, the body is new but the soul is the same. The person is sent back to earth in some new form of life, to face the consequences of his past karmas and thus make up for the loss he has caused to others. This is the God's way of doing justice. People who do good to others get liberation. It happens to those who attain enlightenment and have a realization of the Self. When a person becomes aware of himself and the power of God lying within, he understands the prime goal for which he is sent to earth and this paves way for bliss.

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