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Youngsters are increasingly turning to Hookah smoking pipes also called Shisha, as they are considered very trendy.

Hookah Pipe

Hookah smoking is viewed as a form of art that requires a great deal of effort in setting the Hookah and smoking in the right technique. This popular art of the bygone times has been passed by one generation to another. The fashion of Hookah will never fade and always remain in vogue. The water pipes of the seventeenth century are finding their way in the coffee shops, cafes and plethora of bars spread all across the country. Thus, Hookah pipes are a major hit amongst people, especially youngsters, who are more often turning to Hookah smoking to maintain their chic voguish image.

Hookah waterpipe is known by different names at different places. Some people call it Narghile or Narghila, while amongst the other sections or communities, it is known as Shisha or Sheesha. It is often said that the initial Hookah pipe was crafted and designed out of a coconut shell in Persia or India. Thereafter, it spread its influence in the entire Arab World. In Turkey, the designing of Hookah water pipe underwent some transformation and acquired its final form that we find today.

By the 20th century, Hookah became a symbol of high status. The body of the Hookah pipe is basically a curved vessel known as govde which holds water and from the vessel, mounts a graceful stem. At the top of the stem, there is a bowl known as lle, which carries tobacco. Depending on the set up of Hookah, there can be one or several Hose, which are more commonly called marpuc. The hose comes with a mouthpiece (agizlik) attached at the end that is used to smoke down through the water.

In the contemporary times, you'll be astonished to see the amazing variety of Hookah pipes available, ranging from Syrian to Egyptian styles. You can even get the Hookah customized according to your personal preference. The traditional material used in the making of Hookah pipe was blown glass. The pipe was further embellished with coating of brass, carved stonework, porcelain, silver etc. All these materials are still in usage; however, there are some new additions to materials such as high quality acrylic, stainless steel, rubber, Pyrex glass and many more. Choice of Hookah pipe reveals varied aspects of a person's personality such as whether the person smoking Hookah is stylish or traditional.

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