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Here is provided information on how different religions view the concept of Moksha.

Moksha in Different Religions

Every religion has a different view point about various aspects of life. Well, in this article, we will talk about how Moksha is viewed by different religions.

In the Hindu religion, Moksha is associated with the concept of self realization, in which an individual understands the purpose why he is being sent on earth. When a person realizes the power of God and understands his ultimate goal, he strives hard to reach his final destination, i.e. Moksha or salvation. Among Hindus, Moksha is viewed as the unification of man and God. To know more about Moksha in different religions, read on…

Self realization makes you aware of the source of all phenomenal existence, as in Brahman. This in turn brings you closer to God, thereby enabling you to converse with God, the creator and preserver of this Brahman. Moksha is the stage, when a person tends to let go his worldly conception of self and what he can think of is that, he is just a normal being, who is being sent on earth by God to accomplish a goal. This goal is nothing but good Karma that an individual must perform for the wellbeing of others.

In the Jain religion, Moksha and nirvana are considered as synonymous concepts. They are of the opinion that, when a person attains Nirvana, he gets liberation from the cycle of death and birth and then he becomes a Siddha, one who has accomplished the ultimate goal of his life.

The Buddhist religion lays emphasis on individual effort as means to achieve Moksha. The main point of focus in the Buddhism philosophy is Moksha. It says that the main cause of human sufferings is nothing else but the human beings themselves. It attributes the increasing and never ending human desire as the main factor that leads to pain and miseries. Thus, Buddhist philosophy preaches its people to detach themselves from the worldly pleasures and seek Nirvana that will ultimately pave way for salvation.

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