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There is a famous legend about Krishna and Tulsi. Check out the myths related to Tulasi plant.

Tulsi Legends

Tulsi is considered to be highly sacred in the Hindu religion. Most of the Hindus offer daily prayers to Tulsi Devi. But, not many people are aware about the origin of Tulasi plant. Well, there are many interesting legends about Tulsi. There is a famous legend about Krishna Tulsi, which suggests that Tulsi was the incarnation of a gopi, who was deeply in love with Lord Krishna. She was cursed by Radha, the consort of the Lord. To know some more myths about Tulasi plant, read on.

There is a story about Krishna, in which the Lord was weighed in gold. Satyabhama, one of the wives of Lord Krishna gave away all her ornaments; even then they could not outweigh him. Seeing this, Rukmani, the consort of Lord Krishna, placed a single leaf of Tulsi plant on the weighing scale. This brought about a tilt in the scale. Numerous mentions have been made about Tulasi in the stories of Meera and Radha in Jayadeva's Gita Govinda.

As per the Hindu mythology, Tulsi is very close to Lord Vishnu, Infact, a ceremony is held annually in which Tulsi is married to the Lord in the month of Kartik on the 11th bright day, as per the lunar calendar. It is a grand celebration that continues for five consecutive days and ends up on the full moon day. It usually falls in the mid of October. This Hindu ritual is known as Tulsi Vivah. As a part of daily custom, a garland made up of Tulsi leaves is firstly offered to Lord Vishnu. According to a Christian folklore, the sacred plant Tulsi grew around the place, where Jesus Christ was crucified.

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