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Swastika symbol has a lot of significance in Hinduism. Check out the meaning & importance of Swastik in Hindu religion.

Swastik in Hinduism

The symbol of Swastika is considered to be highly auspicious and thus it is quite often used in the art and architecture of Hindus. It finds a special place for itself in the wedding decorations. Swastika designs can be found in temples, doorways, clothing, cars etc. Most of the wedding cards have the Swastik symbol imprinted on them. To know the meaning and significance of Swastika in Hinduism, read on.

The four wings of the Swastik cross point towards the four directions, namely North, East, South and West, which connotes stability, firmness and strength. It is used as the symbol of Sun, thereby representing Lord Surya. Swastika is regarded very sacred and therefore this motif is used to adorn almost all the things associated with the Hindu religion. Due to its holiness, it is used in all the Hindu yantras in the form of a religious symbol.

Most of the religious scriptures contain the design of Swastik. Even, the Hindu God Ganesha is depicted as sitting on a lotus flower kept on the bed of Swastikas. Swastika is one amongst the 108 symbols of Lord Vishnu. It signifies the rays of sun, which are precious for the existence of life. The right side of Swastika represents the rotation of sun, which begins from the Northern hemisphere and then proceeds to east, then south and finally west. Left side of Swastika is known as Sauvastika. It symbolizes Goddess Kali, who is portrayed in a very terrifying manner. She is considered to be the Goddess of darkness.

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