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Hookah is considered highly fashionable and stylish and thus requires the person smoking to follow certain ethics and exhibit good etiquettes.

Hookah Etiquettes

Hookah is a tradition of the past, which has a lot of relevance even in today's times. Infact, in the present era, smoking Hookah is considered highly fashionable. Hookah is not smoked merely for the sake of smoking, it rather acts as great means to relax and enjoy oneself. The pleasure that people derive out of it has simply no comparison. It makes them feel as if they are in the seventh heaven.

People who consider themselves stylish or are regarded modish by others can usually be found smoking Hookah in one of the bars or cafes. Well, people, but not to forget, smoking Hookah won't be enough to complete your style statement, you also need to exhibit good etiquettes, as the total behavior counts. The person smoking Hukkah should follow certain ethics and demonstrate good conduct for others to learn and practice.

Hookah Smoking Etiquettes
  • Don't be hasty about smoking Hookah. You can enjoy only by being patient. Take your own sweet time and unwind yourself.
  • When you are through with smoking and want to hand over the hose to another person, be courteous enough to turn the metal stem connection of the hose towards him.
  • It is not a good etiquette to light the cigarette using the lit charcoal of the hose.
  • Never blow smoke on the other person's face.
  • In case of a multi hose Hookah, one should never blow the hose to clear the smoke especially at the time when the other person is smoking.
  • Avoid the practice of sharing the plastic mouthpiece with someone else, as it is not considered to be a hygienic practice. Unhygienic conditions can give rise to varied problems. So, refrain from indulging in such a practice.
  • When you are satisfied and wish to finish Hookah smoking, wrap the hose of Hookah in a proper manner. The hookah should be set up in the right way, so that it can be used by other person.
  • Only smoke the tobacco from the hookah and nothing else.

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