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The celebration of Onam continues for ten consecutive days in Kerala. Read about the 10 days of Onam.

Ten days of Onam

The celebration of the grand Onam festivity continues for a long period of ten days in Kerala. However, in some small regions, it is restricted to only four to five days. People are of the say that in the olden times, the celebrations used to take place for a month and that too in a very lavish manner. Read on to know about the ten days of Onam.

To suit the needs of the modern times, the celebration of Onam festivity is constantly witnessing a transformation. But, one thing that remains unaltered is that, people still believe in their traditional values and the essence of celebration is unchanged. They give due importance to the customs and rituals of the bygone times and follow them religiously. As always, people enthusiastically participate in the celebrations of the Onam festivity.

10 days of Onam

Day 1: Atham
It marks the beginning of the celebration of Onam festivity. It is considered to be a very auspicious day by the Keralites. On this day, people start preparing the pookalams, which serves as one of the main highlights of this festive occasion.

Day 2: Chithira
The second day is known as Chitira. On this day, no special rituals are performed but people visit the temples to seek the blessings of God.

Day 3: Chodhi
The third day is called the Chothi. This day witnesses a number of activities. The markets get overcrowded, as people get engrossed with the task of buying new apparels, accessories and various items of decoration for the household.

Day 4: Visakam
Like the third day, the fourth day also goes hectic.

Day 5: Anizham
The major highlight of the fifth day of Onam celebration is the boat race. The boat race is one of the most favorite sporty pastimes that is more popularly known as Vallamkali.

Day 6: Thriketa
By the sixth day, which is known as Thriketa, people who have migrated to other places start visiting their homes to celebrate the Onam festivity along with their family members.

Day 7: Moolam
By the seventh day, the entire nation gets excited and passionate about the grand extravaganza.

Day 8: Pooradam
The eighth day has a lot of significance for the people of Kerala. The worshippers prepare the idols of deities by using clay.

Day 9: Uthradam
On the ninth day, people start making special arrangements for welcoming the spirit of King Mahabali. From this day onwards, the entire nation gets involved in a full-fledged manner in the celebrations of the Onam festivity.

Day 10: Thiruvonam
The tenth day is known as Thiruvonam. This is the main day of Onam. The entire nation, especially the state of Kerala is abuzz with activities on this day. On this day, Kerala turns into a hub of life.

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